Arc 1 - Episode #057

Tabula Rasa

General Summary

In the aftermath of the arena battle, three members of the party are bitten, with only two cures. After talking with Hammerhand and Silverclaw, the two remaining cures are given to Baranith and Daegon. Baranith then performs a ritual to cleanse Greta of her disease. Greta informs the group that she is heading to Uman’ Yiro to seek magical assistance with her different afflictions. As she departs, the remainder of the party returns to Brightport.

As the group returns to the house, they meet a person who heeded their call for assistance. Khoury Forestkeeper, a Goliath from the west, joins the group of adventurers. Once introductions are finished, Baranith swiftly moves to business. Vallus is going to Winterhaven to seek out Briahna Ebelmare, despite Baranith’s wishes.

The group decides to give reign of House Dragonkeep to Tessia Grimnas, as they feel no ties to the house or city, that they have a greater calling to accomplish.


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Release date: 05 May 2014 - Download the Episode

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05 May 2014
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