Arc 1 - Episode #056

Battle Lines

General Summary

After the hanging of Commander Grace and Flo, Captain Tenbolt sends the group on their next mission: to kill anyone, man, woman or child at the White Raven's headquarters. The group balks at the notion of killing children but are tasked with dealing with combatants properly.

Along the way, they are nearly ambushed by Ravens but dispatch them swiftly and find the location of the cave. Mason sneaks in to plant the charges but before he sets them off, Aralove shouts a warning to anyone who may be inside and they have a chance to evacuate the sick, elderly and children hiding inside.

Once the noncombatants have evacuated the destruction plan is put into motion but Poe steps in and reveals that he has been a Raven all along and will not allow Mason to blow up the cave. He talks Aralove and Mason out of completing their mission and they decide that defecting is in their future as they can't go back as failures.

Mason and Aralove confront Marcus, who at this point is already leaving the area and tell him they won't be returning. Poe explodes the charges at the back exit of the cave and Marcus returns to Overwatch alone.


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Release date: 29 Apr 2014 - Download the Episode

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29 Apr 2014
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