Arc 1 - Episode #052

To be a Champion - Part 2

General Summary

Continuing directly from the Tournament events in Episode 51 , the group prepares in their room for the final round. Captain Tenbolt asks to speak to Marcus alone and Marcus agrees to a deal to keep Flo from being involved in the final round of the tournament, Rodswell is not so lucky.

Round 3 pits the Crimson Shield against Grell and the Nu'Val gladiators from Durnhollow, Nitro, Turbo and Laser. Late in the fight, Grell lands a nasty double hammer swing against Aralove, killing her. Mason then kills Laser and Grell, then Nitro and Turbo surrender and are then killed. The Shield are announced as the winners of the Tournament of Champions and are allowed to leave the arena.

To save his life, Rodswell makes a final deal with Tenbolt to resurrect Aralove, which he does. Tenbolt tells everyone there is to be an event in the town center and invites them all to attend. Aralove and Mason opt out, but Marcus and Poe watch as Commander Grace is hung for being a spy and traitor and Flo is also hung for aiding a traitor to the Overwatch.


Notable Kills

  • Aralove Grimnas, killed by Grell
  • Grell, killed by Mason
  • Patrick Grace, killed by Commander Tenbolt, Assist to Marcus
  • Flo Lar'va, killed by Commander Tenbolt

Locations Visited

Player Characters

Release date: 31 Mar 2014 - Download the Episode

Report Date
31 Mar 2014
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