Arc 1 - Episode #050


General Summary

Marcus and Aralove walk back to the Overwatch after relieving the recruits and Sergeant Baker.

They overhear Captain Tenbolt and Commander Grace arguing about tactics and choose to interrupt them. Marcus explains what happened to Gavin and the others and volunteers himself as squad leader. Aralove suggests Mason for the team and after meeting with him in The Warrens, Poe volunteers for the Crimson Shield as well.

Marcus and Aralove go to visit Flo and bring her in for questioning, which they learn later means detaining for questioning of Fie's defection.

Captain Tenbolt reminds the team that they were signed up for the Tournament of Champions and the episode ends with the team making preparations for the event.


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Release date: 25 Mar 2014 - Download the Episode

Report Date
25 Mar 2014
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