Arc 1 - Episode #049

Truth or Dare

General Summary

As the smoke clears, the newly defected people try to decide exactly what they are going to do next. They go into a hut with Liara and Briahna and begin asking and answering questions back and forth to sort out where they stand. Liara offers an choice of things to do as a trust exercise, capture a caravan of weapons and armor, or go after Kealthorn, possibly the last remaining black dragon.

The group naturally chooses to go kill the dragon and heads off for Yemgar Swamp. There is some small talk as they make their way through the swamp and they eventually find Kealthorn's cave. Briahna sends a blast into the cave and the dragon emerges angry and ready to fight. The battle is tough but as Kealthorn tries to escape by flying away, seemingly everyone's final strikes hit and Jadzia manages to take him down with an Eldritch Blast.

As the party recovers from the fight they investigate the treasure inside the cave. Una picks up Kord's Fury and Jadzia claims The Helm of the 7 Deaths (aka 'the Soul Hat') and there is more to be divided later. They also decide to descale the dragon and have some armor made from it but that is a story for the next episode.


Notable Kills

  • Kealthorn, killed by Jadzia

Locations Visited

Player Characters

Release date: 17 Mar 2014 - Download the Episode

Report Date
14 Mar 2014
Primary Location
Yemgar Swamp