Arc 1 - Episode #048

Death In The Family

General Summary

The group, minus Una heads back to Overwatch to report the status of the mission and the team.

Una awakens, bound and laying on the ground surrounded by elves. As the Elven guards are taking Una to be executed, Briahna invokes the elven rite of Quen Fei, a one on one duel of honor. Brettana argues against it but eventually Brie wins out and gets her duel. The stakes; Una's death, or Briahna forgives her.

Marcus, Jadzia and Fie wake Commander Grace and tell him of Una's capture or death and not quite destroying the titan. Cmdr. Grace informs them that they will have another new team member to fill the gap that they now have and Aralove is introduced, much to Jadzia's dismay. They gather more explosives and head for Sgt. Baker's training grounds to gather the recruits for battle.

Una talks to Liara about the fight and her chances of survival. Liara gives Una some enchanted Elven armor to wear so she has at least some chance to survive.

Brie and Una square off. Throughout the fight, Una tries to convince Briahna that she didn't intend to betray her. Brie hears none of it and with Una on her knees, tries to strike a killing blow. Though sheer luck or perhaps divine intervention, Briahna misses the killing shot and Una is spared.

Post fight, Una chats with Brettana and asks for a chance to talk to her friends to stop them from getting killed by the elves and her request is granted. She sprints off in the direction the group came in originally and finds them not far away. Una pleads for them to turn around to avoid killing the recruits and all getting killed. Gavin refuses and marches them forward but Fie and Jadzia step aside and effectively defect on the spot.

Fie, Jadzia and Una try to sprint ahead of the army to try one last ditch effort to stop them and they are met by lots of elves, Brettana and Brie and inform them that the army group is coming and not going to stop. The elves challenge the Overwatch soldiers and demand they stop but Gavin lights the explosives and sprints towards the titan, avoiding a hail of arrows along the way. He holds his position and hunkers down on the titan with the charges and orders the Overwatch to retreat, which they do in the chaos of the massive explosion.

The episode ends with the cast in shock over Merlin's decision to kill Gavin and they discuss what may come next as the group is clearly split in two.


Notable Kills

  • Gavin Dearborn, suicide by explosives

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Player Characters

Release date: 12 Mar 2014 - Download the Episode

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12 Mar 2014
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