Arc 1 - Episode #047

Return to the Arena

General Summary

After leaving the newly found gate the party heads for the arena proper to deal with the hordes within. As they slowly get overwhelmed, they decide to call in Amarah to clear a path who blasts many of the zombies to their final deaths.

The group hears an ominous pounding from the other side of the arena where an undead blue dragon emerges from the holding cells and he and Amarah battle it out but Vallus is the one who finally takes it down. Several people are bitten throughout the combats, including Norhorn Hammerhand and one of the Silverclaw agents, who is killed to stop the pain. Cure potions are handed out to those who need and Greta, through use of the Rod of Wonder becomes a tentacle armed, forgetful mess and will have to find a way to deal with all of her new maladies.


Notable Kills

  • Zombie blue dragon, killed by Vallus

Locations Visited


  • Rod of wonders effects:
  • 38- summon 3 bears
  • 91- Greta forgets everyone’s name
  • 58- Greta’s arms become tentacles
  • 14- Trixy forgets how to read.

Player Characters

Release date: 10 Mar 2014 - Download the Episode

Report Date
10 Mar 2014
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