Arc 1 - Episode #045

One Room

General Summary

The group spends the night in Durnhollow and then heads back to Overwatch where they learn Briahna has been beaten into unconsciousness while they were gone.

While Una is checking on her and she discovered Fie is still alive, Brie slips her shackles off, grabs Una by the throat and threatens to blow her head off if Una doesn't help her escape the city.

After much debate, trying to come up with a plan that will work and telling Commander Grace of the situation the team is at an Impasse. Only Una wants to try to get Brie out of the city but has no way to do it. Meanwhile, Marcus, Gavin and Jadzia talk to Cmdr. Grace and formulate a plan that may or may not get Una killed as well as Briahna.

Forced into a corner, Una does the only thing she can think of..."kill" Brie herself. Fie enters the room and lets Una know Marcus told the Commander and together that make Brie's fake death look real enough for Una to slip past everyone in attendance and carry the body out of the city to safety.


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Release date: 26 Feb 2014 - Download the Episode

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26 Feb 2014
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