Arc 1 - Episode #044

A Mighty Weight

General Summary

The group is reunited in Brightport, where Baranith and Vallus are caught up on the happenings around town. Through the study of Thermack’s journals, Greta, formerly Galford, finds three cures for the zombie infection. This is pertinent, as Brightport is marching upon Onak-Al! Houses Hammerhand and Silverclaw have already marched upon the walled city, with House Dragonkeep electing to use Amarah, the white dragon, as their main transport. Utilizing the skills of the dragon, the gate to Onak-Al is cleared of a massive horde of zombies, allowing House Silverclaw to open the gates, starting the war inside the city.

Leaving the surface to the other houses, House Dragonkeep descend to the arena, clearing out any infected present. During one battle, however, Vallus is bitten by a zombie, beginning his descent into the undead, again. While the group is cleansing the arena, they come upon a previously unexplored door. This door leads them down into a chamber with a mysterious gate, with sigils etched around it, with papers about it nearby.


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Release date: 24 Feb 2014 - Download the Episode

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24 Feb 2014
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