Arc 1 - Episode #042

The Day The Music Lived

General Summary

After Rodswell leaves, the group continues on to Stonesunder Mountain to talk to the dwarves. The party speaks to King Stonesunder and after he and Yenward bicker back and forth a bit, they send word to Donhurst to rally their troops and everyone is off to attack the orc encampment.

Meanwhile, Duncan escapes from his crypt and goes into Winterhaven Hall to figure out what has happened and why he is alive again. He chats with Talia and Ian and they suggest he goes out to locate the party because they will need his help.

Back at the orc camp, a battle rages as the Dwarves and Donhurst are cleaving their way through the orc army while the party fights Sarn and his guards. yenward eventually gores Sarn and Stonesunder is forced to show the least bit of respect to him, and both Donhurst and Stonestunder pledge troops to the coalition of forces.

Duncan is still in Winterhaven getting re-equipped, gives a rousing speech to the townsfolk and rides his tiny horse towards the last known location of the group.

The post episode chat consists of rolling for bacon, rolling badly, using action points to re-bacon and that apparently, tieflings really like bacon a lot.


Notable Kills

  • Sarn, killed by Yenward

Locations Visited

Player Characters

Release date: 17 Feb 2014 - Download the Episode

Report Date
17 Feb 2014
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