Arc 1 - Episode #040

The More Things Change

General Summary

The group leaves Durnhollow in a hurry but stops outside of town to talk about what just happened. Ironhide proposes a full group democratic style of leadership rather than a single leader and everyone agrees that they may as well try.

Meanwhile, Thoril discovers he didn't leave Durnhollow without a parting gift as well.

Ironhide confesses to stealing a bunch of potions from the store in Durnhollow and the party is not pleased.

Discussions on where to go for the next part of the army add confusion but everyone finally agrees that they need warm bodies and set off to gather the orcs but somehow end up at Donhurst and tentatively get their leaders to agree to help if they, along with the dwarves can crush the orc threat.

Rodswell and Thoril have a touching and personal bonding experience before heading north to visit the dwarves and run into a band of orcs, led by Grovsh.

After the battle, Rodswell leaves the group due to "creative differences" and we learn that Duncan has somehow come back from the dead.


Notable Kills

  • Grovsh, killed by Malchus

Locations Visited

Player Characters

Release date: 09 Feb 2014 - Download the Episode

Report Date
09 Feb 2014
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