Arc 1 - Episode #038

Road Trip - Part 2

General Summary

In Brightport, Graddik reports that Tala’s body was probably taken by a group called “The Collectors.” Daegon then tasks Graddik to find out about any existing Eladrin.

Due to word spreading about the change of power, an informal meeting of the houses is held at House Dragonkeep. Galford tells the other heads about Onak-al, and the Warforged problem. House Silverclaw will think about it while House Hammerhand is in. Brightport is going to war.

Before embarking towards Onak-al, Norhorn Hammerhand, the head of House Hammerhand would like favor of the group. Bellamin Rincorn, a former initiate, needs to be eliminated, as he is threatening to reveal sensitive information that can damage the house. Hammerhand is forbidden from acting upon him directly, but another house is free to move. The group tracks Bellamin to Safe Haven, a town bar. As they approach Bellamin and his hired guards, they are stopped by a guard, who Daegon promptly kills. During the ensuing fight, a magical mishap occurs and Galford switches gender and mysterious blast of light emits from his rod. After killing Bellamin the thugs run away, completing the contract with HammerHand, and House Dragonkeep gains new guards.

Upon returning to the house, they get mail from King Zannon Carter, stating he is on his way to Brightport.

On the road: After looting the camp, Baranith and Vallus continue to Whitehedge. There, they meet with Vallerie Ebelmare, mother of Katey and Sil. Upon learning of her daughters’ fates she tasks Vallus and Baranith with telling her third daughter, Briahna, what happened to her sisters. Vallus decides that he is going to head to Winterhaven to try and find Briahna, while Baranith is to return to Brightport.


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Baranith finds the Elven Water bow in this episode

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Release date: 28 Jan 2014 - Download the Episode

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28 Jan 2014
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