Arc 1 - Episode #036

Welcome to Durnhollow

General Summary

Welcome to Durnhollow...the Alabama of Theria!

As the group enters Durnhollow, they find K's Choice where Artemus sent them for bloodroot. Malchus and Drakonis go inside to make a deal, while Rodswell and Ironhide stay outside to keep lookout and Rodswell tries to spread the good word to the drunks and vagrants. Thoril and Yenward try their luck at the Honest Harlot, a busy whorehouse along the main/only road in town.

Thoril meets a nice redhead named Eva and they go upstairs while Yenward becomes fast friends with some of the other working girls.

Malchus strikes a deal with Kayley, the proprietor of K's Choice for bloodroot and they bond over their dislike of Artemus and Drakonis procedes to get a room at the Harlot to make his bloodroot mixture and Ironhide guards his room.

Rodswell goes into the Harlot and Malchus stays out in the street to avoid the bigotry he fears will be inside and Briahna rides into town. She gives Malchus a tracking necklace and they catch up on what has happened over the last few days.

Back inside, Merle, a local slaver is beside himself with anger at Yenwards earlier intimidation of him and sneaks up to try and hang one of the party from the rafters. Rodswell is caught unaware and taken off of his feet and the fight is on!

Malchus and Briahna call Captain Arroway over and all 3 go in to join the fight. Ironhide, Drakonis and Thoril all come downstairs as Rodswell runs for the door and Yenward is kicked out of a window. Drakonis casts a fireball into the lobby, setting the whorehouse on fire and everyone heads for the door.

Malchus and Yenward find Merle outside in a burning bush after Brie blasts him through a window. Yenward crushes his head and Malchus sets the body on fire and before the group can make haste out of town, Drakonis threatens Kayley for her bloodroot supplier and Ironhide steals all of her healing potions.


Notable Kills

  • * The kid at the front gate was named "little Vernon" by Tom

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Release date: 06 Jan 2014 - Download the Episode

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06 Jan 2014
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