Arc 1 - Episode #034

Meet the New Boss

General Summary

Facing a white dragon, the group attempts to heal it, as a sign of peace and goodwill. As Baranith heals the creature, it begins to communicate with her. Baranith learns that her name is Amarah and she tells Baranith of her history. An agreement is soon made, where the group will try and create door for Amarah to leave as thanks for killing Thermack, if Amarah doesn’t destroy them or the town.

Soon afterwards, plans are made for the group to take over house Darksbane, the first of which is renaming it House Dragonkeep. In order to do so, they rely heavily on the steward of the house, David. Vallus wants to go on a trip to nearby Whitehedge to visit Katey and Sil’s mother to let her know of their fate, with Baranith accompanying him. The group also decides to hire workers from Durnhollow to help with the upkeep of the house.


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Release date: 19 Dec 2013 - Download the Episode

Report Date
19 Dec 2013
Primary Location
House Darksbane