Arc 1 - Episode #029

Slightly Askew

General Summary

After the Titan Elite is destroyed, there is a solemn celebration as the dead and wounded are removed from the field. Yenward takes a keepsake from T'od, angering Mayven, Opie and Laef.

Yenward ponders somehow fixing the titan and riding it into battle against the Overwatch and commissions Mayven and Opie to find a gnome capable of fixing it, giving them T'od's necklace back to make amends.

The party discusses what their next move should be and decides visiting the Minotaurs at Thunderspire would make a good first stop but first they have to deliver Nathaniel back to Winterhaven. When they get close to Winterhaven, Ian is riding out with a group to find his son and a confrontation ensues but both sides decide now would not be a good time for them to fight among themselves.

After they leave Ian to deal with Nathaniel, they make it to Thunderspire without much issue and meet with Lariss Darkhoof, the leader of the clan to discuss the coming fight against the Overwatch.

Malchus and Yenward convince Lariss to let them deal with his power hungry nephew Kravel, which would set Yenward as the next in line to rule the Darkhooves.

Yenward duels Kravel in single combat and defeats him, but not without issue as the minotaurs view healing in mid-combat to be dishonorable.

The episode ends with Kravel's cronies angrily stomping away and the party preparing to return to Lariss with the news of his nephews death.


Notable Kills

  • Kravel Darkhoof, killed by Yenward

Locations Visited


  • Sumpin' sumpin' is Minotaur for 1,000 gold pieces
  • Yenward, in addition to being illiterate is also really bad at math

Group 1

Player Characters

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Report Date
23 Oct 2013
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