Arc 1 - Episode #028

Desperate Times

General Summary

The group storms into house Darksbane, desperate to find a cure for Tala. Her condition worsens, so the group leaves her by the door. While searching the house, the group comes upon an Eladrin named Daegon, being held captive and tortured by some acolytes. They free the psion, who then joins the group in scouring the place.

While searching a library, the group stumbles upon a secret staircase leading them straight to Thermack's inner chamber. The master of House Darksbane tries to lure Galford to his side, which fails. Thermack then summons Doug, a beholder, to fight the group while he and his assistant Laura leave.


Notable Kills

  • Doug, killed by Baranith

Locations Visited

Group 2

Player Characters

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Report Date
09 Oct 2013
Primary Location
Secondary Location
House Darksbane