Arc 1 - Episode #027


General Summary

As the episode opens, Rodswell is shocked into a coma by the Orb of Light and the group has to decide what to do with him while they travel to Cal Cas. They decide to carry him with them so Yenward is chosen for the job. Along the way, they encounter some very capable kobolds with crazy pit digging skills but eventually beat the evil creatures.

Everyone meets back up near the Great Tree where they meet Brettana Moonshadow, leader of the Elves and are shocked to discover that Nathaniel has snuck out of Winterhaven and fought alongside Liara in the battle. The Elven clerics take Rodswell to safety and many stories are shared between the party and the elves.

During the night, a monstrous crashing is heard and everyone retreats to Cal Cas where the party, with the assistance of the elves defends the area against the gigantic Titan Elite. Nathaniel and Briahna fight alongside the party, as well as a brave Elf named T'odisius, who inspired the party to fight as hard as they could by setting a strong example and being the first to land a blow on the titan. Yenward would eventually land the killing shot on the giant warforged, but in a final act of desperation it self-destructs, killing T'od and nearly killing Nathaniel in the process.


Notable Kills

  • Titan Elite, killed by Yenward
  • T'od, killed by the titan elite

Locations Visited


  • Malchus really hates kobold pits.
  • Thoril is told by Brettana of her visions of his death "a weapon being plunged into his back by someone he trusted"
  • Candlemass - Bewitched

Group 1

Player Characters

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Report Date
30 Sep 2013
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