Arc 1 - Episode #026

Brother vs Brother

General Summary

We begin where the last episode left off...Malchus and Ironhide nose to nose in a clearing, surrounded by Yenward, Thoril, Rodswell and Drakonis all waiting to see what will happen. Malchus is the first to strike and staggers Ironhide with multiple hits but Ironhide fires right back and bloodies Malchus. Rodswell heals Ironhide and blasts Malchus back, Drakonis gets in the middle and changes his appearance to mimic Malchus while Yenward, Thoril and Rodswell try to form a human chain between the two. The fight goes back and forth and Rodswell heals Malchus and then runs away, followed shortly by Yenward. Drakonis continues to try to get them to stop fighting but eventually blasts both with a fireball. Thoril attempts to solve the whole issue by attacking both fighters, knocking Ironhide out in the process.

After the fight, Malchus and Ironhide come to something of an understanding and everyone wanders off towards the White Ravens headquarters where they find a mass panic setting in as Briahna and Liara mobilize everyone to rush to the Evergreen. Liara takes the bulk of the Ravens to help the Elves who are attacking the Overwatch in the forest while Brie and the party head to a different part of the forest and confront 3 Warforged titans.


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Report Date
09 Sep 2013
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