Arc 1 - Episode #024

City of the Dead, Part 2

General Summary

During a temporary reprieve, the group interrogates the Darksbane initiate. While everyone else is focused on the enemy, Baranith steals the resurrection scroll and heads to the arena. The group finds out the master of Darksbane is Archmage Thermack and he unleashed the zombies as payback to the group. It is then that they finally notice Baranith is gone, with the scroll, and follow her.

Meanwhile, Baranith successfully returns to the arena and uses the resurrection scroll on Vallus, reviving him and clearing him of the zombie infection. The group catches up to her and see Vallus alive. After some discussion, Vallus says that he might be able to help Tala, but they need to return to Brightport. The group returns to the tavern, only to find it overtaken by zombies. They decide to head towards the gate and check for the wagon. After fighting their way to the gate, Rikus and Vallus manage to get it open. The six exit the town to find the wagon waiting. They promptly hijack the wagon and travel back across the desert, leaving Onak-Al behind.


Locations Visited

Group 2

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Report Date
18 Aug 2013
Primary Location
Secondary Location
The Wastes