Arc 1 - Episode #022

This Ain't No Place For a Hero

General Summary

The group is introduced to the White Ravens and Liara tells them what happened with Trias, Overdale turning into Overwatch and her part as well as the formation of the White Ravens. Rodswell asks Liara if she knows anything about the Orb of Light and she directs him to talk to a familiar elf named Finway. Finway knows nothing of the Orb but tells the party about the "gate" he has been investigating for a year and the group tries to help him figure out how it works.

Meanwhile, Malchus talks to Brie and restores their somewhat broken relationship.

While leaving the cave, Drakonis has another bloodroot withdrawal episode and this time the entire party witnesses it but Drakonis plays it off as a result of the time travel. The party goes back to Winterhaven to begin to build an army to fight against Overwatch. Talia tentatively agrees and when Ian enters the room and calling them failures for not catching a messenger bird, Yenward and Thoril verbally attack Ian causing him to call the guards and Ironhide threatens him. Malchus is forced to step in and save the whole deal by calming Ian down and explaining the situation clearly. Talia returns with a letter of intent for Malchus and Ian signs it as well.

The group leaves Winterhaven, heading for the Evergreen but outside of town, Malchus stops and has words with everyone in the group about how they need to act if they will succeed at building a fighting force.


Locations Visited


  • This episode has the first reference to Theria as the name of the world.
  • Lots of background on Overdale history and the White Ravens
  • The Gate has 7 symbols carved into it: a tree, a snowflake, a mountain, an island, a ship, a bridge and a pillar

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Report Date
14 Jun 2021
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