Arc 1 - Episode #021

Mortal Coil

General Summary

Coming off of a hard-fought, taxing battle with Katey and Sil, the group is forced to fight with Vallus. He gives the group their hardest battle to date, even causing Galford to fall into the pits. However, after much internal strife against attacking their fellow slave, Vallus is also thrown into a pit by Baranith. With no more enemies to face, the surviving members are returned to their cell, where they are reunited with Galford.

Upon waking the next day, the group discovers that there are no guards around. Silence has descended upon the arena, with the exception of a steady thumping in the distance. The group manages to break out of their cell and goes to the chamber before the arena and gears up. However, the door to the arena itself it locked tight. With one way blocked, all venture down hallway to investigate the thumping sound. Upon reaching the door to the pits, fists suddenly break through. Slowly streaming out of the chamber are zombified remains of fallen warriors. A hasty retreat is beat back to antechamber, with zombies following. As Rikus and Tala brace the door, Baranith, Galford and Trixy try to pick the lock to the arena. They are successful and peek through a crack, only to discover that the entire town is full of zombies.

Locations Visited

Group 2

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Report Date
15 Jul 2013
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