Arc 1 - Episode #020

The Beginning of the End

General Summary

After spending a few weeks as slaves, the group is met with an unexpected surprise. Members of House Darksbane have traveled to Onak-Al to meet with the group. Upon their first encounter, members of the house touch all members except Trixy and Galford, with the members exuding a faint glow after being touched. Trixy and Galford are brought to a separate room where they meet with an elderly gentleman of House Darksbane, who promises that they all will die. After the meeting is over, Trixy and Galford are also touched like the other members of the party.

Hours pass, but nothing odd happens to the group, so the day continues as normal and they are sent to arena.

Once the opposite gate is lifted, the group finds that they are now facing Sil and Katey. In the ensuing, reluctant battle, Tholomin is killed by Katey. However, Sil and Katey are defeated, sending their bodies into the pits. Before the group gets a chance to recover, the gate opens again to reveal Vallus.


Notable Kills

  • Tholomin, killed by Katey
  • Katey, killed by Galford
  • Silvia, killed by Galford
  • Vallus, killed by Baranith

Locations Visited

Group 2

Player Characters

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Report Date
15 Jul 2013
Primary Location
Onak-Al Arena