Arc 1 - Episode #017

A Once and Future Thing

General Summary

Following the battle against Drock, loot is divided and the battered party leaves the tomb to discover the skies have cleared and the ice bridge has expanded.
Heading south, the party once again finds Camp Icebreaker but now it is bigger and teeming with people. They are met with some harsh words aimed at Ironhide and after speaking to Larry, discover that somehow it is now 17 years in the future and much has changed.
They go back to the tomb to pick up the remains of the time orb that Drock held in hopes of possibly fixing it or finding a way to return to their own time.
After realizing what impact the time change may have had, they head straight back for Winterhaven to get some answers and battle a Warforged patrol along the way. The guards at the gate find reasons to escort the group straight to the leaders of Winterhaven and while waiting, they read a copy of "The Bleak 10" and learn of the rise of Overwatch, Carter declaring himself king and Malchus' Folly.

With confusion setting in and old arguments bubbling back up, the towns leadership enters the room and jaws drop as Talia and Ian enter as Lady and Lord of Winterhaven...


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  • The first +1 for being speedy happens in this episode.

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Report Date
10 Jun 2013
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