Arc 1 - Episode #014

Blind Ambition

General Summary

Traveling north, the group happens upon Camp Icebreaker and they meet Dallas and Terry Bowhunter. The Bowhunter brothers are butchering some suspicious meat products and no one else is at the camp, causing the group to question what is happening. Dallas asks the party to leave but they stay a while longer to investigate the abandoned camp and find a diary of a woman named Mary describing the slow disappearance of a lot of the people at the camp.

After they decide it isn't worth staying the night at the camp, the guys continue north and battle an ice worm and eventually find a sheer cliff and a path leading up to a dangerous ice bridge. They have some issues crossing but everyone makes their way across to a sealed door, leading to the interior of Drock's tomb.

There are a few puzzle traps along the way and Yenward and Ironhide become blind out of greed and the group decides to reset for a while.


Locations Visited


* The Bowhunter brothers are lizardmen who were eating residents of the town. We are told that they still exist in the world even after the time jump.

Group 1

Player Characters

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Report Date
15 May 2013
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