Arc 1 - Episode #013

The Hammer

General Summary

The group enters the port town of Brightport, the City of Thieves. As they enter the town, Rock suddenly disappears, never to be heard from again...

While exploring town, they meet Graddik the Wanted, a representative of House Silverclaw, one of the three ruling houses of Brightport.

Graddik wants the group to sneak into House Darksbane and steal a statuette known as the Golden Dragon for House Silverclaw. They group decides to pass on this job but are visited in their room at night by Sariff, another Silverclaw member who convinces them to take the job.

After making their way into the house, Rikus alerts some mages and the fights begin inside the house.

They escape with the statue but the dragon manages to break through the door and begins pursing the group...Will they be able to escape this dangerous beast?


Locations Visited


  • This episode has the first appearance of both Graddik and Sariff
  • Apparently Rikus wields two hammers and both are intimidating.

Group 2

Player Characters

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Report Date
09 May 2013
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