Arc 1 - Episode #012

Know Who You Are Getting In Bed With

General Summary

The group prepares for their trip north to Drock's tomb and decides to check in with a local dwarf who has experience with the northlands. Rodswell and Drakonis meet with Thadius Thundermaul, who tells him that they should expect to lose half of the party and leave anyone who is slowing them down behind.

While the group is discussing this new information in Thoril's attic space, the towns bells begin to ring and everyone runs to the main gate where hundreds of refugees are pouring into Winterhaven. Among the newcomers are Briahna and her father Martin who are welcomed by Lord Padraig and the party.

During the confusion, several people witness Drakonis exchanging bags with a man near an alley and while being questions about it, manages to explain away any doubts or concerns they may have.

Everyone is informed that there will be a celebration dinner in honor of the party and to welcome the refugees.

After the banquet, Thoril is resting in his room when Talia knocks on the door and is invited in. The most awkward sex scene in this podcasts history takes place, speculation of Drakonis being under the bed and the phrase "Will you accept this?" is uttered.

The next morning, the party says their goodbye's to everyone in town and they finally get on the road heading north. Along the way, they meet a two-headed giant and a well dressed gnome. The gnome, Bravick asks them to pay a toll, but rather than be the victims of a scam, Malchus turns things around on the gnome who is killed by Clobbnock the giant.


Notable Kills

  • Bravick, killed by Clobbnock

Locations Visited


  • This episode marks the first time the podcast showed up as #1 on the iTunes listing
  • Drakonis is from the dirty south
  • "Will you accept this?" in this episode

Group 1

Player Characters

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Report Date
29 Apr 2013
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