Arc 1 - Episode #011

Bye Meghan

General Summary

The group is introduced into the world of Theria starting near the city of Brightport, a large trade destination set in the middle of a bunch of other towns. Brightport is a city that makes it’s living off the back of travelers; it is centrally located between a few bigger cities so it is the perfect destination for trade and commerce. However there are only two roads to get in and out of Brightport and these roads are currently littered with bandits. The group has been commissioned to go and get rid of these bandits and as payment keep any goods that had been stolen that aren't ruined.

The group, through questioning people, has found out that the leader of these bandits is named Blackteeth, so named for his immaculate dental hygiene. We jump forward to the group and they have tracked the bandit settlement in the forest, where they see a treasure trove of goods trunks and chest, bags and pouches. With five thugs guarding it.

The group goes over their options, whether they should go in ‘guns-a-blazin’ or try out ghost sound with a ‘thug-fart’. They decide on having Trixy stealth into the camp and distract them which does not go so well. Combat ensues and Blackteeth and his gang are dispatched with little fanfare.


Notable Kills

  • Blackteeth, killed by Galford

Locations Visited


* Rock was a razor-clawed shifter Ranger who only appears in this episode and then disappeared forever

Group 2

Player Characters

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Report Date
03 Apr 2013
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