Arc 1 - Episode #010

The Pact

General Summary

Continuing from where the last episode left off, the group discusses what to do following the fight with Telros and decides discretion is best and head back to Winterhaven. Once safely behind the walls the guys confess everything that has happened to Lord Padraig and send a rider to bring Carter and his entourage to Winterhaven to discuss a solution to their wanted status. The party are all knighted formally and prepare for the inevitable meeting with Carter the next day.

Thoril is asked to remain out of the room but nearby as Carter, Liara, a contingent of guards as well as the new Captain of the Overdale Guard, Trias arrive to talk.

Three options are presented, return to Overdale and face trial, stay on the run until they are caught or fight and after much discussion Trias offers a final option: never return to Overdale or its lands and you will not be hunted. this sparks a long debate but it is finally accepted by a majority of the group as the best option but Ironhide really pushes for the fight option.


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Report Date
18 Mar 2013
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