Arc 1 - Episode #009

Overdale Days and Winterhaven Knights

General Summary

Travelling by night, the group tries to avoid the open road as much as possible. However, one day, they come across a caravan heading to Overdale with a male Dragonborn and female tiefling in tow, wearing chains. Malchus attempts diplomacy to see what information might be pertinent to the group. A misunderstanding occurs and the rest of the party attacks the caravan during the talks. This sends the guards into frenzy and they battle the group. A vampire huntress, Liara, emerges from a carriage and begins to duel Thoril. In the midst of the battle, the tiefling prisoner is slain but the Dragonborn is freed. The Dragonborn, Drakonis, quickly joins forces with the group as a show of gratitude and attacks the guards. Before any final resolution could occur, the fight is interrupted by riders of Winterhaven, who dispatch the remaining guards. Liara manages to escape and the group is unable to pursue her. The riders were sent to escort the group back to town after word of their plight reached Winterhaven.

Word is sent to Overdale to have a summit. In the meantime, the group goes fight Telros Darkhoof, a Minotaur leading a group fanatics to assault Winterhaven.


Notable Kills

  • Telros, killed by Drakonis

Locations Visited


  • This episode is brought to you today by the word "basically", and a drinking game was born.
  • This episode contains the "blue" incident.
  • This was Drakonis' and Liara's introduction
  • A tribute band called Bottomless Joy is first mentioned in this episode.
  • Who said "You said 'blue', you brought this on yourself"? Highlight for answer -(Drakonis)-
  • The riders of Wnterhaven are renamed to "Michael Westons", and the Royal Order of Michael Westons was born. Also, one Bruce Campbell equals 10 Michael Westons
  • Yenward is a vegetarian

Group 1

Player Characters

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Report Date
04 Mar 2013
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