Arc 1 - Episode #008


General Summary

The day after Duncan's death, meeting Rodswell and Yenward and the fight with the Black Hand, the gang has to decide what new direction to go in.

The discussion evolves from opening Drock's book to overthrowing the temporary Mayor to going to speak with him instead.

While a violent thunderstorm rocks the city, the group makes their way to the Mayors house where a lively chat about leadership, murder and the gray areas of law are blurred. During the discussion, Carter cuts his hand and Thoril is unable to stop himself from attacking. Rodswell intervenes and the party is forced to escape from Overdale.

After running for what seems like hours they spot smoke and head toward it, finding a small figure unconscious in a burning clearing. A fight ensues with some shadowy dogs and then the party once again returns Briahna back to her village and her father Martin.

They are then asked to perform a ritual to draw the demon haunting Briahna into this world to save her. The group complies and fights the demon and then an evil shadow Duncan.


Locations Visited


* Rodswell's power "dark speech" throws a foe backwards into a wall causing damage. This is argued about in the future.

Player Characters

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Report Date
12 Feb 2013
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