Arc 1 - Episode #007

Paint It Black

General Summary

Upon returning to Overdale, down a member and depressed, the group attempts to make sense of what their plan of action will be. Before anything can be fully prepared, the group in surprised by a Minotaur showing up at their front door! As the group readies for battle, a human figure steps out from behind the Minotaur and introduces himself as Rodswell Joybottom, step-father of Duncan Joybottom. He and his minotaur friend, Yenward Firestomp, have been travelling together in search of Duncan. He had heard of Duncan’s exploits, which led him to Overdale, where he learned of Duncan’s demise. So, in honor of his fallen step-son, Rodswell decides to join the group and continue his step-son’s work in finding Duncan’s biological father.

While meeting the new people, a group of bouncers from the Black Hand enter and try to intimidate the group. A fight ensues, with the bouncers being slain. Rodswell, in a fit of rage about the loss of Duncan, suggests they cut the hands of the bouncers off, paint them black, and send them to the Black Hand, which is promptly done. The party then visits the memorial of Duncan, and when they are returning to their home, are attacked by more members of the Black Hand’s organization. After dispatching the assailants, the group enters the bar to confront the Black Hand. The gnome tries to negotiate with the group but fails. He and everyone in the bar are killed by the party, ending his reign over the criminal underground.


Notable Kills

  • The Black Hand, killed by Malchus

Locations Visited


  • Rodswells first act with the group is suggesting the removal of thugs hands and painting them black which he personally delivers to The Warrens. Later, defends an action with "i'm lawful good!"
  • We learn at the very end of the episode that Yenward is illiterate.

Group 1

Player Characters

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Report Date
24 Jan 2013
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