Arc 1 - Episode #006

Risk and Reward

General Summary

Shortly after their return to Overdale, the group is contacted by the Black Hand, a gnome who is in charge of the criminal underground of Overdale. They are tasked with a mission to recover some magic spores from nearby caves. The Black Hand had sent people in to get the items beforehand, but no one has returned. The group would be rewarded handsomely and could keep any items they found on the way.

After much discussion, the group decides that they need the work and set off to the caves. The group delves further into the caves, encountering some troubles, but nothing they can't overcome. That is, until they reach a partially broken rope bridge impeding their progress. It is decided that Duncan, being one of the most dexterous of the group, would attempt to traverse the bridge with the group’s rope attached to him and the other members anchoring him. Duncan has some initial success but one board was too weak and Duncan too heavy and he went crashing through the bridge. The group, caught unawares, is unable to grab the rope in time, sending Duncan plummeting to his death. The remaining members, especially Malchus, are too distraught over the loss of their friend and return to Overdale without the requested item.


Notable Kills

  • Duncan Joybottom, killed by gravity and bad planning

Locations Visited


  • Ironhide decides at the beginning of the episode that he wants to become an alchemist
  • This is the first episode where the players introduce themselves
  • Who said "Lets murder our way to prosperity!" Highlight for the answer -( Malchus Grimnas )-

Group 1

Player Characters

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Report Date
24 Jan 2013
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