Arc 1 - Episode #005

No Easy Choices

General Summary

Trias, disillusioned and discouraged by many of the recent events, decides to leave the group and venture out on his own.

During the victory banquet, the group receives their prize, a valuable ancient book and confronts the mayor, Lucious Merridian, about the apparent slavery being utilized to run the tournament. However, upon being confronted by Malchus, Lucious has a heart attack, dying almost instantly. Also at this point in time, members of the group meet Zannon Carter, the head priest of Overdale. Carter notices Thoril’s continuing struggle against his vampirism and offers the group a solution by means of a witch located in the Yemgar Swamp to the west. Carter is suddenly interrupted by the commotion caused by the death of the mayor and sends the group on its way.

The group travels to the swamp, eager to try and restore their companion’s humanity. As they journey into the swamp, they come across a small child named Briahna. She was lost in the swamp and the group took it upon themselves to protect her from the dangers of the swamp. A mutual friendship quickly grew between Malchus and Brie.

After fighting their way through the swamp, the group plus Brie finds the witch’s hut. The witch takes the group in, recognizing Thoril’s condition immediately. She informs the group that Thoril could be cured, but a sacrifice of an innocent’s blood would be required, implying that Brie would be the one sacrificed. After much discussion, the group, led by Malchus, decides that they would live with Thoril’s vampirism, that to sacrifice Brie would be too high a price.

The group returns Brie to her village, where they are met by her father, Martin Ebelmare with great gratitude and hospitality. After spending some time recovering, they return to Overdale with Thoril now as a fully turned vampire.


Notable Kills

  • Lucious Merridian, killed by a heart attack following a lifetime of bad choices

Locations Visited


  • This episode contains a wealth of Therian history following a crit on a history check by Ironhide
  • Duncan is the first to call Briahna "Brie" and the name stuck
  • We learn Duncan is a hemopheliac

Player Characters

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Report Date
12 Jul 2018
Primary Location
Secondary Location
Yemgar Swamp