Arc 1 - Episode #004

The Tournament of Champions

General Summary

While the group are residing in Overdale, they decide to enter into the Tournament of Champions. As a result of recent events, Captain Ian Serverus decides to enter the tournament as well with some of his men to regain the town’s respect and prove himself better than the group.

Ian's group were defeated by Orcs in the fourth round, Ian barely surviving and losing a hand in the process while the party battles a giant purple worm to become the first victors of the Tournament of Champions in countless decades.

Round 1 - Wolves Round 2 - Orcs Round 3 - Great Apes Round 4 - Purple Worm

Notable Kills

  • Purple worm, killed by Jarahk Ironhide

Locations Visited


  • Ryback's theme "Meat on the table"
  • Ironhide doesn't shift, he cartwheels
  • During the fight, Duncan suggests sitting down with the mayor to discuss the slave orcs which happens next episode
  • Trias is usually credited with being the person behind the slave orc debate, but Rob/Malchus was the first to bring it up.

Group 1

Player Characters

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Report Date
12 Jul 2018
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