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About the Contributors

Sadia al Mani

  Sadia al Mani is a doctor of history and principal of the university here in Navis. She was awarded her qualification honourably following her research into the relic of Artorus and the subsequent fallout, with her contributions to the effort revealing a whole new line of study into the . In her time since her graduation, she has led and exhaustive search for the truth in every subject she has studied. In her free time, she relaxes with her wife, designs automata, and paints with her son. Her job has been to collate the History secion of this encyclopaedia.   Other Authors of the History Section Include      

Zaineb Karimi

  An engineer at heart, Zaineb Karimi is known for her work on the incredible tramway that runs through Navis, powered by a system of semi-sentient automata and a sentient central command unit. The first known use of automata like it in the world, her engineering work paves the way for a new dawn in Theralian city planning, engineering and design. When not engineering, Zaineb hikes, grows olives and tomatoes in her garden, and drinks with her friends. She has overseen the collation of the Science and Technology sections of this encyclopaedia.   Other Authors of the Science and Technology Sections Include    

Variel of The Vale

  The esteemed stagemaster of the most famous theatre in the world, the Imperial Navisian Theatre, Variel of the Vale has dedicated his life to theatre, music, opera, circus and the dramatic. The Crow's nest has hosted the most famous performers in the world and is the center of the great arts festival held in Navis every year. When he isn't hosting others or creating theatre of his own, Variel is an art collector, and spends the rest of his time out and about in the city seeing what it has to offer. Graciously, even despite him not being university faculty, Variel collated the Arts section of this encyclopaedia.   Other Authors of the Arts Section Include      

Vigdis Skjeggestad

  Running the library for longer than most of us have been alive, Vigdis is a permenant fixture in the library of Navis. She knows the stacks like the back of her hand, and can track down some of the most obscure tomes in the world if pressed, and she also has a keen and varied interest in the history of cartography and has collected dozens upon dozens of ancient maps for study. When she isn't looking after the library, she can be found in a nook with a pot of coffee and a good romance novel. Not only would the collation process have been impossible without her help, she has contributed to the Geography section with her dozens of maps and records.   Other Authors of the Geography Section Include  

and Liam Grey

  A long-time friend of Sadia and son of the head cleric in the Navisian temple, Liam Grey has long been studying the cultures and religions that make up our world. The rebuilding of the Temple and his additions of sanctified and protected spaces for other religions as part of the Temple were completed under his authority and guidance, bringing a new wave of new people into the city. Outside of the Temple he is known for his charity work and music. He has put together the most complete guide to Theralian religions to date for this encyclopaedia.   Other Authors of the Cultures and Religions Section Include      

With Our Thanks and Acknowledgement To

  We would not have been able to do our work without input from the following;  
  • , for her emphatic and enthusiastic input,
  • Lady Caelria Floritiria Panea Ardonis (Secretary for Imperial Affairs) for her financial support,
  • And all the academics who's work featured in this encyclopaedia.

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