A sylph is a type of sentient being that inhabits the country of Thenia. Often described as an "air spirit," sylphs are able to travel by transforming into mist. Sylphs dislike interacting with other elements: in fire, they burn; when they touch earth, they crumble; and in water, they drown.   Although sylphs are sentient beings, they do not like interacting with humans (or magicians or witches; in fact, most people in Thenia go their entire lives without seeing a sylph). However, it is a common belief in Thenia that when one sees mist, it is a sylph that is traveling by; a popular Thenian saying is "as a sylph travels," which means quickly, quietly, and virtually unnoticeably.)

Basic Information


While traveling, sylphs transform into mist; how they do this is unknown, since it doesn't seem to be associated with the magic that witches and magicians produce. While mist, they are able to travel fairly quickly (regular mist guards sylphs; sylphs travel much faster than normal mist) and without notice.   When not traveling, sylphs look similar to humans: they have two arms, two legs, and a head. While taller than humans, it's said that some may not even notice a sylph around them. (Although sylphs must slightly levitate to ensure they're not directly touching the earth, the levitation is unnoticeable to humans, and it's not required when they're not directly touching the earth, such as the floor of a building.) Sylphs are also stronger than humans and have better senses.

Genetics and Reproduction

It's entirely unknown if sylphs reproduce or are created another way.

Ecology and Habitats

Sylphs exist all over Thenia, but for obvious reasons prefer the country (nice, clear, clean air) over the city. However, sylphs can reside anywhere, and it's said that it's impossible to know if there's a sylph living amongst Thenians.

Dietary Needs and Habits

It's unknown if sylphs consume anything.


Sylphs are famous for keeping to themselves and desiring a life outside of the magicians, witches, and humans of Thenia. As such, it's hard to say what their normal behavior is. For the most part, they seem to just want to be left alone, and Thenians are glad to do so.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

In addition to being able to turn into mist to travel, sylphs seem to have their own brand of magic that they practice. However, since sylphs do not normally communicate with humans, magicians, or witches, the exact extent of their magic is unknown.   It's worth noting that Thenians are uneasy about sylphs, probably because of their ability to move without notice, as well as rumors that they themselves have magic that rivals their magicians' and witches' magic.
Average Height
Said to be 6' to 8'

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Author's Notes

Like many mythological aspects of Thenia, I borrowed the idea of a sylph and tweaked it for this world. I got info on sylphs from here.   This article is part of my Spooktober 2022 collection! As such, it's minimally edited, and I'll add more when time allows. Forgive the construction dust!

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