Seven Divine

The Seven Divine is the pantheon of gods and goddesses that Followers of the Seven Divine worship. Most often depicted as a family, the Seven represent the seven archetypes everyone should aspire to be. The seven divine are unnamed, and instead only named after the archetype they represent. The Seven Divine are as follows:   1. The Hero: Almost always depicted as a male (although occasionally depicted as a female), the Hero is the ultimate archetype to aspire to.

2. The Warrior: Depicted alternately as male and female, the Warrior is considered sacred to soldiers. When depicted as a woman, many believe it's simply the Voetia, and perhaps Voetian is simply an off-shoot of the Followers of the Seven Divine.

3. The Innocent: Always depicted as a young female, the Innocent is prayed to by young women. She is considered to be the ultimate paragon of purity.

4. The Ruler: Always depicted as a male, the Ruler is considered the "father" of the family; men should look to the Ruler as an example of how to be a leader in all aspects of their life, from their family all the way up to the government leader.

5. The Caregiver: Always depicted as a female, the Caregiver is the archetype all females are expected to follow. She is usually illustrated as an older female, and is considered the "mother" of the family.

6. The Sage: Alternately depicted as male or female, the Sage is usually an older person, wise beyond all human comprehension. The Sage is popular amongst students and academics, although the Sage is considered the aspirational archetype for all older Followers.

7. The Magician: Easily the most controversial part of the pantheon, most Followers choose not to worship the Magician because of their uneasy feelings toward magic. Most consider the Magician simply a historical relic of a religion that has turned its back on magic.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

For obvious reasons, the number seven is considered divine amongst themselves.   For example, Followers of the Seven Divine consider it good luck to have seven members in their immediate family, seven letters in their names, and all other instances of seven to be lucky.
Divine Classification

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