Reliquary of Magusi

The Reliquary of Magusi is a very important religious relic to the Magusianism religion. In the large, ornate chest is said to be the bones of Magusi, the most crucial figure of Magusianism. During normal times, the Reliquary of Magusi is kept under lock and key by the Conclave of Magicians, but a few times a year, the Reliquary is displayed during certain religious festivals.   The reliquary itself is a large ivory chest, with intricate carvings of magical animals and other important magical figures. Quite large and heavy, the reliquary is only moved in the most special of circumstances; otherwise, when the bones of Magusi are on display, they are housed in a smaller chest.


When Magusi died sometime in the 1300s, he was originally buried in a secret place by the government of Cruxholm (the state of Ieglia had not yet been formed). However, when Magusianism was developed in the 1400s, it was clear that a special place was needed to venerate the most important figure in their religion. Sometime in the 1400s, the chest was commissioned, and since then, it's made its home with the government (currently the Conclave of Magicians).   The reliquary was once stolen in the just prior to the founding of Ieglia in the 2090s. it took several years, but the culprits (likely Kezens, since there has been a longstanding and mutual dislike of one another) were captured. Although the culprits swore they did not touch the bones, the authenticity is questioned by some rigorous academics; however, the Conclave of Magicians hold that the bones were not disturbed and that they are unequivocally the remains of Magusi.


Magusi is the most important person in the Magusianism religion; therefore, the bones are clearly very important to Magusi worshippers.   The bones of Magusi are brought out on display during a few different Magusi festivals, and in one particular one, every person that would like to view the bones are able to do so.   Because of its significance, the exact location of the Reliquary of Magusi is kept secret. It's assumed the Reliquary is kept in the central building of the Conclave of Magicians, but that's not been proven. It's also likely that it's guarded by extremely strong magic.
Item type
Religious / Ritualistic
Creation Date
Approx. 1400s
Current Location

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