Kykeon (KY-key-on)

Kykeon is a Ravkan spirit that is consumed during certain Ravkan religious rituals. Although illegal to consume by Thenians, it is legal to consume it during prescribed religious rituals. Much secrecy is involved in kykeon, from its exact ingredients to the reasoning behind its usage.

Manufacturing process

It's unknown what the exact manufacturing process is, but it seems that the process is lengthy and complicated, meaning that very few people are allowed (and able) to produce it.


Kykeon plays an important part in the Ravkan initiation rite, which occurs when a Ravkan is at least 16. It's said that consumption of kyekon allows Ravkans to converse with the the Defiled, although the real reason for the use is kept confidential to Ravkans.   Although a person is not forced to consume it, the initiation rite cannot be completed without drinking it.
Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink
Owning Organization
Base Price
It can't be legally sold or bought.
Raw materials & Components
Kykeon's ingredients are what make it illegal to consume: vervaine (itself illegal) is one of the main ingredients. The mixture of the vervaine, along with the other ingredients (which includes alcohol and other magical ingredients), creates a strong psychoactive effect that precludes it from being a recreational drink.   Frankly, the ingredients of kykeon are known only to the Most Sacred and Most Profane and some of the Excori.

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Author's Notes

I totally ripped this idea off from the ancient Greek drink kykeon (although it's obviously tweaked).   This article is part of my Spooktober 2022 collection! As such, it's minimally edited, and I'll add more when time allows. Forgive the construction dust!

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