Brugia Beast

The Brugia Beast is a huge, dark, wolf-like animal that inhabits the Brugia Moors in the Thenian state of Kezig. It is unknown if there is a singular Brugia Beast or many, as legends vary. Currently, no Brugia Beast exists in captivity, and Thenians that don't live in Kezig often don't believe in the existence of the Brugia Beast and think it's merely a myth; however, Kezens believe the opposite, and the silhouette is used in many Kezen logos.   Hearing the Brugia Beast's howl is often attributed by Kezens as a portent of death. The Brugia Beast's long history of seemingly attacking and killing people at random over several centuries has lent to its brutal reputation. Kezens warn visitors to not roam the Moors at night, lest they catch attention of the Brugia Beast.

Basic Information


The Brugia Beast has always been described as huge: at least twice the size of a normal wolf. It stands about four to five feet tall, and is many hundreds of pounds in weight. Quite frankly, its enormous size is the only thing all eyewitnesses seem to agree on.   The other agreement is its eyes: all eyewitness accounts state that its eyes are perhaps its scariest trait; the eyes are described as either black or dark red. Its large teeth also tend to make appearances in most accounts.

Ecology and Habitats

The Brugia Beast, as the name suggests, originated from, and still exists only in, the Brugia Moors. It is one of the only known species that seemingly thrives in the Moors.

Dietary Needs and Habits

According to known information, the Brugia Beast is a carnivore; it will eat any meat, but prefers human flesh.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

The Brugia Beast can only be found on the Brugia Moors, located in Kezig. Historically and currently, no captive Brugia Beast exists.

Average Intelligence

According to accounts, the Brugia Beast is a cunning creature; it seems to have above average intelligence than similar species. Eyewitnesses state that the Brugia Beast was clever in its attacks, and often seemed to suggest some sort of sapience, although that is not at all verified.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

It's unknown of the capabilities of the Brugia Beast, as eyewitness accounts differ.   Many speculate about the Beast's mortality; some believe the Beast is simply immortal while others believe that large packs of Brugia Beasts roam the Moors.   A large number of accounts seem to agree that the Beast is preternaturally fast and strong, with magnified senses. Some accounts tell us that the Brugia Beast is able to teleport on its own, although many agree that its vicious speed perhaps just make it seem that way.   Kezens believe that the Brugia Beast's eerie howl is an omen of death; some Kezens believe the Brugia Beast can cause death by its howl alone.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Most eyewitnesses seem to agree that the Brugia Beast is dark in nature: however, colors vary from dark black, to blue, and some even say it's a deep purple.
Geographic Distribution

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