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Farmers of Helta

The Farmers of Helta may not fight for the Amalgam but they sure do feed it.


Titles, wages and duties

  • Master Farmer: Leader of the organization of Helta in charge of making sure farmsteads are properly taken care of, organization members are not failing to submit dues, being in direct contact with Goldglade and general overview of crop in each farmstead. The Master Farmer receives 1 gold bar a month
  • Journeymen Farmer : Fully fledged farmer recognized by the organization and the Council of Stars. Runs there own farmstead with farm hands. Each journey must specialize in growing either fruit or grain. Journeyman Farmers receive 50 gold a month
  • Apprentice Farmer: a farmer in training, must server under a journeyman for four years before taking an exam to become a journeyman. Apprentice Farmers make 25 gold a month
  • Supplies Trader: all farmers come directly to a Supply Trader to get what is needed for the harvest season. They directly deal with the Master Farmer and Goldglade to order supplies for their accounts. They receive 10% of every order they make.

Public Agenda

To Feed the populace and live a good hard working life.

Farmers only worry during the growing season, but townspeople worry all the time.

Guild, Professional

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