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Thelatar was put together piece by piece by 3 Gods. First was Selune she created the light in a void of darkness. As she feared her evil sister Tahkahisis would be reborn from its depths. Two suns making the days last 32 hours. The nights were 12. Then came Woaden who created its physicality, its life and from that life came the Kheldari. Then came Dauger who breathed into the core of this world and created chaos and balance.   When the other gods found out about this world they became jealous of its beauty and sought it as a place for gods. While others wanted to see it blossom its own life. They went to war and soon there would be no gods to watch its play things live. Now the gods are myths.   Through time other races began to blossom through the worlds crust and inhabit this world. Some even alien to this place and many who have been brought here from someplace unknown.   Magic began to be discovered when a particular artifact was found. Some believe these artifacts were left over from the Fall (the war of gods) Magic does not come naturally but rather from objects of power in Thelatar. A relatively new and mysterious world is just waiting to be seen.   Our story however begins within the rolling dune sands of The Ghali Desert. As prisoners are being led to Abhour the city of slaves, with nothing but the chains that bind them and cloth over their heads.

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  • Map of Thelatar

    Long ago lost in time the first race was born, the Kheldari. The Strong and powerful half giants that have ruled in seclusion to the north since the dawn of Thelatar. The Kheldari are secretive people but since other inhabitants came to Thelatar they have been mostly peaceful. Many things lie in mystery around the Kheldari since most don’t wonder into their territory or is it that those who go in never come back?   About 600 years after what people call the Cataclysm (100 years that went missing from history) the races of Terra arrived in Thelatar as a place to call their home. With a mission to rebuild humanity and the other races of Terra. Things were far more sinister when the Sua’Dra (the cursed elves of Salune) deceived the allied races and turned them against each other. The races of terra went to war whilst the Sua’Dra seemed to vanish in thin air. No one has seen a Sua’Dra to this day. This war lasted for 12 years until the Scar of Bane appeared in the Black Marsh. A hellhole that released the Demon hordes of Bane. A young halfling bard known as Vurbustund Goldglade began uniting the races of Terra to fight the common threat they all had. This took most of his life to complete this task and within his last few years they managed to fight the hordes back to the hellhole and seal it. Thus created a new era for the people of Terra and united they created the nation of Amalgam. Five cities of the five races, each being a point of a star. In the center of them is the Capital City of Goldglade. A council member of each city must be in Goldglade at all times as a way to show the unity with each other. Then other races showed up throughout time and became a part of Amalgam as they too came from a different world, Amalgam is a peaceful nation but nothing not even the Demon hordes of Bane could destroy their union.   Now the biggest mystery Thelatar keeps to itself is the roving hills Droaam. The ruins of Clastimein intelligent monsters seemingly pop into existence. Over hundreds of years they have banding together in small clans fighting for territory over Droaam itself. Today people believe there are about 13 clans that exist in Droaam. It seems the “people” of Droaam are created with a curse, as soon as they step foot off the property of Clastimein they are never allowed back. The clans of Droaam believe there is a clan inside the walls of the ruined castle. Although they have never been seen, they say spectacular light shows emanate from the castle every 3 years when the winter equinox is begun. This is the only day that the clans are peaceful with each other as they believe their “creator” is attempting to communicate with them. There is one clan that most don’t like to mess with with. The Necromancers of the Black Hand because undead are a constant threat in Droaam for all of the people. Some believe the undead are their fault but some are old enough to remember the forming of the first tribe and the undead have been around since the beginning. Some have fled the life of warfare and became a part of Amalgam thus introducing Droaam to the people. The people of Droaam are headstrong and rowdy and are typically in the cities of Amalgam high sought after warriors.