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Thelatar was put together piece by piece by 3 Gods. First was Selune she created the light in a void of darkness. As she feared her evil sister Tahkahisis would be reborn from its depths. Two suns making the days last 32 hours. The nights were 12. Then came Woaden who created its physicality, its life and from that life came the Kheldari. Then came Dauger who breathed into the core of this world and created chaos and balance.   When the other gods found out about this world they became jealous of its beauty and sought it as a place for gods. While others wanted to see it blossom its own life. They went to war and soon there would be no gods to watch its play things live. Now the gods are myths.   Through time other races began to blossom through the worlds crust and inhabit this world. Some even alien to this place and many who have been brought here from someplace unknown.   Magic began to be discovered when a particular artifact was found. Some believe these artifacts were left over from the Fall (the war of gods) Magic does not come naturally but rather from objects of power in Thelatar. A relatively new and mysterious world is just waiting to be seen.   Our story however begins within the rolling dune sands of The Ghali Desert. As prisoners are being led to Abhour the city of slaves, with nothing but the chains that bind them and cloth over their heads.