Pyramid Galleries

First opened in 1986 as a small art house, Pyramid Galleries eventually grew to a ten story independant art museum under the watchful eye of Ahzra Dalkin. The art gallery itself is merely a front for the vampire to conduct his business as one of the four princes of New York.  The real sources of income for the gallery consist of a laundry list of extortion, blackmail, and innumerable petty crimes that ensure Ahzra's place on the council. The majority of people employed by the gallery are human and operate a variety of small, but questionable, bussinesses. These serve as a distraction for law enforcement, keeping their eyes locked on the smaller, more easily traceable crimes rather than the larger business as a whole.  Very few within the city even know Mr. Dalkin is the owner and proprietor of the gallery. That knowledge is withheld only to the creatures of the night that reside within the city.  Pyramid Galleries itself offers an every changing variety of artwork. Each piece is approved by Azrha himself before being put on display. Through the years, the gallery has become a preferred destination for the city's elite, often hosting parties and, at times, even weddings  in one of their themed displays.  While many of Mr. Dalkin's side businesses have eventually been shut down by law enforcement, the gallery itself has never been held liable despite a lengthy list of questionable tenants. In truth, this is due to the many anonymous donations made to the city and various private funds by Mr. Dalkin.   Pyramid Gallery's first floor pays homage to Azrha's homeland, Egypt. Throughout the main entry is an extravagent display of Egyptian artifacts with the walls themselves carved from imported Egyptian stone. The nine upper floors are frequently remodeled to accomodate the every changing displays presented.


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