Kagrarun's Summoning

First discovered in 1814, Kagrarun's Summoning has long been held as one of the most dangerous spells every found. The spell contains a graphic discription of the demon Kagrarun and talks in detail of moving him from one location to another. The spell has long been guarded by the church, rarely seeing the light of day. The one man to claim to have successfully translated the summoning ritual lost his mind shortly after eventually disappearing in the night, never to be seen again.  The simple Vellum measures only 6 inches wide by 8 inches tall and is presumed to be made of demon skin since DNA testing could not relate the piece to any known species. It consist of four paragraphs written in Demonic accompanied by the author's signature.  The author is believed to be a satanic priest by the name of Solomon Vazun who also went made and disappeared shortly after penning the vellum in 1523.    "The fools, to belive that the letter of our love is a ritual. Oh how I wished it were. To be able to summon my lover at will. Alas, he was never to be seen again." | the demon Vazun In truth, the vellum contains a graphic love letter sent to Kagrarun by his lover Vazun. The letter talks in detail of Vazun's longing for his lover's return and recounting his favorite memories from their nights together. The letter was, in fact, never received by Kagrarun who was killed during one of many skirmishes with the angels. This letter was the final in a series sent between the two lovers while Kagrarun was station at the battle front.  Many of the letters chronicle Kagrarun's doubts about fighting the angels, often refering to a feeling of brotherhood when he met them in battle. HIs doubts led him to leave his post on more than one ocassion only to be severly punished and returned.  Kagrarun's Summoning was received at the front only to be lost on its return to the author, leading Vazun to believe that perhaps his lover had lived. When Kagrarun's body was eventually returned to Purgatory it is said that Vazun wept for a hundred years before returning to his own duties.
Vellum / Skin


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