Claudia Preisner

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Claudia is in excellent physical condition. She frequently practices gymnastics and has studied multiple fighting techniques.

Apparel & Accessories

Claudia stays up on current fashion trends, wearing a variety of gowns during her many appearances at Glowyrm.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Claudia first came to America in ???? after being driven out under suspicison of witchcraft. The accusations were quite wrong, Claudia, in fact, abhored any sort of magic use. Her hunger for blood and the murders she committed, however, were a crime she was very much guilty of. In the early days of New York City, she founded the Glowyrm Tavern. The tavern appealed to a darker clientele than the other taverns of the time. At Glowyrm, you could not only ste your thirst for booze, but if you craved blood, you could find willing victims. In the early days of Glowyrm, the tavern came under intense scrutiny from the law as well as the local vampire population. Claudia nearly caved more than once and shut her doors before resolving herself and making a stand. She gathered several of her most loyal cliens, those who depended on the safe feeding within her walls to maintain their secrets. Those who would rather not be forced to kill to maintain their safety. She formed an alliance and saw her business flourish under their collective protection. The local law was paid off and stopped asking questions, the local undead backed away from her newfound guards. As the city around her grew, she bought up more space and began catering to a wider audience. In time, she became one of the wealthiest women in the city and became the go-to person for anything you might need done, legal or otherwise.

Gender Identity

Female ~ She/Her


While Claudia prefers long term relationships exclusively with women, she frequently enjoys excursions with men as well, though they are always short-term.


Claudia was taught some reading as a child, afterward anything worth-while she learned, she taught herself.


After her mother's death when Claudia was 16, she began working in a tavern owned by her uncle. While he fought to keep her from the upper floors, Claudia's curiousity eventually got the better of her and when she learned the money those girls earned, she demanded to be put to work. Her uncle chose, instead, to send her to live with his sister in the country. Claudia hated the man for it and while living with her aunt, that her uncle had been right, there was no need for her to work up there when, in fact, he made more money than any of them. She eventually ran away, making her way back to the city. Her plans were thwarted when she was attacked only a few blocks away from her uncles tavern. When she woke she found she had been turned to a vampire. She did eventually return to her uncle's tavern and murdered him after he altered his will to leave everything to her. Since that time, she has worked exclusively for herself. Today she is the sole priorietor of the Glowyrm nightclub.

Mental Trauma

The only trauma Claudia still holds on to is the loss of her mother. That loss took her best friend and her comfort life and left her working for her uncle.

Morality & Philosophy

While Claudia lives by very loose morals, she is fiercly protective of children and has ensured that all of her illegal dealings have never crossed that line. Aside from that, she is a strong believer that people are capable of making their own choices. If someone enjoys being fed on by a vampire, she is more than happy to provide a safe space to indulge, for a small fee.


Contacts & Relations

While she is very distrustful of most people she has formed a respectful relationship with Fin, co-owner of Night Tower where she leases out the majority of the smaller tower. She avoided the man at first mostly due to his husband Marcus, however after thier split, she saw that Fin might be useful in ensuring the longevity of her business. As for Fin's companions, she's very unsure about Jack and his sons, but is still very respectful toward them.

Family Ties

Claudia has no living family.

Religious Views

Atheist, despite direct interactions with a goddess.

Social Aptitude

For all her involvement in the underground of New York City, she is also one of the most well respected women in the business world. Her alluring charisma easily enthralls anyone that crosses her path. While she plays the role of extrovert very well, she is happiest when she is alone with one or two of her wives.

Hobbies & Pets

Claudia keeps a variety of small animals in her personal zoo as well as a white tiger and several small cats in her condo.
Character Location
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Current Location
London, England
Current Residence
Dark blue
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
5' 11"
140 lbs
Known Languages
English French Spanish
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