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The Silver Court

Purpose / Function

The Silver Court is the primary judicial center of the Theocracy of New Thrain. Most criminals of the territory, and nearly all heretics from the continent pass through its doors to face judgement. The complex holds facilities for the detainment, interrogating, sentencing, incarcerating, and executing nearly all manner of criminal and low life brought to them, though rumor has it that several victims of the cruelties of the courts were innocent of the crimes they stood accused for, instead being guilty of going against the will of the government, or more seriously the inquisition.   Located in the center of Thrain's capitol of Primus, the court also acts as an administration hub for both the theocracy and the Thrainish Inquisition. As such it is assumed that many records of the inquisition's dealings and findings can be found within the buildings walls, though exact details will most likely never be known.


The Silver Court is constructed primarily of white marble, and topped with a black slate roof. Most of the exterior walls lack any ornamentation, the exception being the front section that faces the executioners square, This is lavishly adorned with carvings and depictions of sinners, heretics and criminals receiving a supposed just punishment from celestial figures.   It is rumored that several layers of dungeons are carved out from the bedrock beneath the courthouse, though there is no official acknowledgement of anything beyond the first two dungeons.


The Silver Court was the first true public project initiated and completed by the then fledgling Theocracy of New Thrain. The initial facility, consisting of the now highest dungeon, the central court room, and the executioners square that still stands in front of the building, was the location for the trial and execution of the former king of Thrain, Alcantes Pergaz.   Over the following centuries, the court slowly grew in both prominence and size, adding new wings and facilities to accommodate the growing needs of the theocracy. it was quick to gain a reputation for being the place that criminals and dissidents were almost certainly sent to die.
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