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Orim Midglass

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Orim was raised by his parents, a shepherd and a fletcher, in the highlands of northern Westen. For much of his adolescence he was prepared to follow in his fathers profession. During his days he often took to spending the long hours mostly alone by singing to himself and the sheep, which blossomed into a talent often enjoyed by his hometown who could hear faint notes of his song echoing down from the hills.   In his early twenties, a string of bandit attacks on nearby towns led him to volunteering for the Westen military, where he served with distinction for almost a decade, during which time, his parents both passed away and their land was claimed by his cousin. At the end of his tour, homeless but not lacking in combat skills, he began working as a mercenary, branding himself as a dashing rogue, straight from the pages of a few risqué stories.


Orim works as a bounty hunter and mercenary across most of Thea. The bulk of his contracts stem from the Merchant States of the Twin Rivers, though various exploits have seen him venture from the hobgoblin principalities in the south, to Jotunheim in the north.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Orim was a key figure in the defense of the independent towns of the Green River Valley region. During the Green River Campaign, a military action by the Kingdom of Conradinia with the goal of subjugating the region under its control, he personally led several night raids into the Conradinian camps, wreaking havoc before slipping away into the night.    If one was to ask Orim his greatest achievement, it would not be any of his military or professional accomplishments. Instead, he hold his 'seduction' of one of the princes of Laure Solor as his current pinnacle, though there are rumors that he has tried to best this several times already. It is not currently know which of the princes he seduced.

Personality Characteristics

Personality Quirks

Orim has the tendency to attempt to 'seduce' many of the people he meets, though his intent is not what most would expect. When someone catches his eye, he will throw on all the charm he can manage with the ultimate goal of having them invite him to their room. Once there, instead of partaking in any lascivious acts, he will then escape, usually from a window, and add another tally to his count of 'conquered' individuals. It is rumored that his very first romantic interest evaded him in this manner, and this is either a psychosis he has manifesting, or his own method of personal revenge. Whichever it is, no one has been able to get Orim to explain this behavior, the bard only deflecting with the line "A gentleman never kisses and tells", regardless of if he ever kissed the target or not. It is commonly believed that he is still a virgin.
Chaotic Neutral
Current Location
Dark Brown
Skin Tone/Pigmentation

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