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The First Union of 356 PG

The Alliance of Rurobron

General Info

Lead-up to the Alliance

The War of the Spider Queens was the first conflict that the Finite Races of the Wraith Globe were forced to endure without the help of higher powers on their side, and it shows. Lorkay fell to the Spider Queens' unending hordes in a matter of weeks and Algos was battling against the influential Scourge that had formed the dark nation of Necrotus, making Ucrua and Khazan the only nations waiting for the mark of that terrible war to reach them. However, this did not cause either of these nations to lose hope. On the contrary, it acted as a call to action for both nations and sparked a drive for the first alliance between two Finite Nations for nearly 200 years.

The Union between Ucrua and Khazan

The deteriorating war effort against the dreaded Giant Spider Queens had motivated influential figures in both the Ucruan and Khazanian governments to make war pact with each other. In this pact, Khazan would provide protection for Ucrua with its skilled armies, and Ucrua would forge and design the weaponry for the Khazanian army. This agreement was so successful for both parties that it quickly became more than a business agreement. Soon, Ucrua and Khazan were very comfortable with each other, so much so that there were open borders and trade freely flowing between them. In the long run, the First Union of 356 PG was a big part of the Finite Races defeating the 7 Giant Spider Queens and acted as a model for the other Finite Nations to follows as old scars healed and new ties were created between the peoples of the Wraith Globe.

Ucrua and Khazan's Relations Today

Even to the present day, Khazan and Ucrua remain united as business partners and allies under the alliance created in 356 PG. Since then, Algos has also joined the alliance, bringing in riches, gemstones, and precious minerals to the nations of Ucrua and Khazan. Of course, the relations between Algos and Khazan were once tense, but ever since some heroic members of the alleged Silver Cloaks Adventuring Guild of Lirean saved the high Matremist Priest from the catacombs of Kragzbarg, relations have been steadily going up between the two nations. Who knows, one day, all of the nations of the Wraith Globe could once again be united under one flag, like the great age of the first nation of Obron...


Assets from Khazan

  • Iron
  • Professional Soldiers
  • Non-Magical Equipment

Assets from Ucrua

  • Science
  • Forges
  • State-of-the-Art Weaponry and Technology

Assets from Algos

  • Lumber
  • Valuable Minerals
  • Herbs

Unite the Finite Races as One!

Members of The Alliance
  • Ucrua
  • Khazan
  • Algos
Founding Date
356 Partum Globus
Alternative Names
the Alliance of Rurobron

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