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The Umbral Domain

"Ixthra is dissent, betrayal, and evil, all blended into a powerful empire. Its grasp stretches through all of the Shadowfell, and claws at the Material Plane, as well."
- Kayus Zarla, Necrotian Planejumper

General Info

Ixthra is one of the five nations in the Shadowfell and by far the most powerful of them all. In the Shadowfell, not only the Wraith Globe's geography is made dark and drearier. The dark natures of nations are brought to an extreme, and Ixthra is no exception. The tainted and twisted nature of Necrotus' government and military are exemplified in its Shadowfell counterpart. The Ixthrian military is made up of engineered undead monstrosities meant to kill anything in their gaze. Their government is a corrupt oligarchy filled with shady rulers that only work for their own good. In fact, Ixthra's influence in the Shadowfell extends so far that they have political control over all of the Shadowfell. Their dark ambitions reach so far that their gaze falls on the Material Plane...


Ixthra's sole rulers are a group of corrupt rulers that lead the nation in a corrupt oligarchy. They have strategically placed Ixthrian politicians in places of power in the other nations of the Shadowfell.

Public Agenda

The only task on Ixthra's agenda is to have dominion over all of the Wraith Globe. This includes the Feywild and the Material Plane. Past that, the people of the Shadowfell have no idea what is beyond... Currently, Ixthra is attempting to create a stable portal to the Material Plane, but their creation was only one-way: Those in the material plane could enter the Shadowfell, but not exit the way they came.


Ixthra has a massive amount of assets due to its complete control over the Shadowfell, a direct echo of the Material Plane.


Because the Shadowfell is a direct echo of the Material Plane, the black magics and the nation of Ixthra came into being at the same moment as Necrotus, around 371 Partum Globus.
Founding Date
371 PG
Geopolitical, Empire
Alternative Names
The Umbral Dominion
Related Professions

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