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Irly's Trek - The journey to immortality

Irly's Trek is the journey which one can undertake to achieve immortality. It was first discovered by the people of Astren and Istren in their hidden history.


when the split nation first drifted into The Phase Lands, it was discovered that a few were becoming immortal for an unknown reason, but Irly's trek was soon founded and named after the fabled leader of the Split Nation...


To complete Irly's Trek, one must journey into The Phase Lands, kill seven Beholders and take an eyestalk from each, and burn the seven eyestalks in the home you grew up in.

Components and tools

7 Beholder Eyestalks, each from a separate Beholder which has been slain by the person which is performing the trek


Irly's Trek is rarely taken up by anyone and is forbidden in the Outer Continents.

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